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Reflexology is a complimentary therapy,
based on the same principles as Chinese acupuncture. Patricia is a certified Reflexologist.

Pressure-point massage of the feet was used in China over 5.000 years ago, as well as by the Ancient Egyptions, Hopi tribes of North America and 16th century European medical practitioners.
Reflexology is based on the theory that every organ, area and system of the body is mirrored by a reflex point in the feet.

By massaging these points in the feet the reflexologist can
observe and facilitate a clearing of any blockages in the
corresponding areas of the body. 
Reflexology is widely used as a treatment for gynaecological problems as well as digestive disorders, insomnia, headaches and stress.
Indeed the list of conditions that reflexology is used to treat is quite vast and it is increasingly being used as a support to traditional fertility
The number of clients I have attending for reflexology and acupuncture treatments relating to fertility is steadily rising each year due to the positive feedback and referrals from previous clients together with increased acceptance and recognition of reflexology as
a suitable  treatment.

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Introduction to Reflexology

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